lvsfunc is a Python package for VapourSynth <http://www.vapoursynth.com/>_ scripting. It contains a multitude of useful functions for video filtering, VapourSynth-script developing, and image processing.


lvsfunc requires the following programs:

Usage Instructions

  1. Install the prequisites

  2. Install lvsfunc through pip

pip3 install lvsfunc --no-cache-dir -U
  1. Install additional dependencies via vsrepo or manual installation

  2. Open your VapourSynth script and import lvsfunc

from vstools import vs, core
import lvsfunc as lvf
  1. Call functions as necessary

src = lvf.source("C:/PATH/TO/VIDEO.mkv")


lvsfunc offers basic support to help install most of the required external filters. Simply run the following command in your terminal: python3 -m lvsfunc

If you encounter any issues during this process, double-check you have installed all the required prequisites.


If you have trouble calling lvsfunc functions, double-check that you’re not loading in the old _lvsfunc.py_! If you are, delete it from your site-packages and it should work properly.